R22 Service Bulletins

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R22 SB-111 Ammeter Circuit Fuse Protection 21 NOV 2016
R22 SB-110 B771-1 (Reusable) Air Filters 14 OCT 2014
R22 SB-109 Bladder Fuel Tank Retrofit 08 JAN 2014
R22 SB-108 Rotor RPM Sender Magnets 03 JUL 2013
R22 SB-107 Fuel Cap Decal 30 MAY 2012
R22 SB-106 Rotor Brake Switch 21 FEB 2012
R22 SB-105
Supersedes R22 SB-17 and R22 SL-44
Fuel Shut-Off Valve Replacement 07 SEP 2011
R22 SB-104 Clutch Actuator Fuse Holder Wiring 26 MAY 2010
R22 SB-103A
Ref. AD 2014-23-16
Main Rotor Blade Bond Inspection
Ref. Tap Test Tutorial Video
Ref. Maintenance Record Appendix for AD 2014-23-16
19 JUL 2012
R22 SB-102 Battery Relay Bypass Circuit Fuse 30 APR 2010
R22 SB-101 Door Lower Hinge Pins 30 APR 2010
R22 SB-100 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Retrofit 30 APR 2010
R22 SB-099 Gascolator Assembly 30 APR 2010
R22 SB-098 Removable Collective Spring Pin 22 FEB 2008
R22 SB-097 Pedal Support Safety Tabs 22 FEB 2008
R22 SB-096 Main Rotor Blade Erosion 29 MAR 2007
R22 SB-095 A181-4 Lower Actuator Bearing Assembly 26 JAN 2005
R22 SB-094 A016-2 Main Rotor Blade Replacement 14 DEC 2004
R22 SB-093 Comm Antenna Tips 27 MAY 2004
R22 SB-092 Tail Rotor Pedal Retaining Clips 03 NOV 2003
R22 SB-091 A437-2 Jackshaft Brace Tabs 03 NOV 2003
R22 SB-090A
Ref. AD 2003-04-04
Tail Rotor Pitch Control Bearings 10 JUN 2002
R22 SB-089 A184 Upper Clutch Actuator Bearing Lubrication 01 AUG 2001
R22 SB-088A A203-5 Yoke Replacement 13 SEP 2000
R22 SB-087 Seat Belt Anchor Upgrade 15 DEC 1999
R22 SB-086 A121-3 and A121-7 Push-Pull Tubes rubbing 03 MAY 1999
R22 SB-085
Ref. AD 99-07-17 &
AD 2000-08-09
A188-2 Sprag Clutch 22 MAR 1999
R22 SB-084
Ref. AD 98-21-09
Fuel Tank Vent Upgrade 08 SEP 1998
R22 SB-083
Ref. AD 98-21-09
Upgrade of Fuel Tank Vents 04 MAR 1997
R22 SB-082
Ref. AD 97-25-05
Carburetor Replacement 03 MAR 1997
R22 SB-081 Gascolator Drain Valve Torque 08 JUN 1995
R22 SB-079
Ref. AD 95-11-09
Placard to Prohibit Pushovers 23 MAY 1995
R22 SB-078A Main Rotor Droop Stops and Teeter Stops 27 MAY 2004
R22 SB-077
Ref. AD 96-09-29
Replacement of V-Belt Upper Sheave 25 APR 1995
R22 SB-076
Ref. AD 95-06-07
Main Rotor Shaft Retaining Nuts 22 DEC 1994
R22 SB-075
Ref. AD 95-06-07
Replacement of Forward Flex Plates 22 NOV 1994
R22 SB-074
Ref. AD 95-23-05
Tail Rotor Gearbox Output Shaft Key 18 JUL 1994
R22 SB-073
Ref. AD 95-06-07
Inspection of A947-1 Forward Flexplate 15 MAR 1994
R22 SB-072
Ref. AD 94-15-08
Inspection of Main Rotor Blades for Corrosion 29 MAR 1993
R22 SB-071 Inspection of Upper V-Belt Sheave 18 JUN 1992
R22 SB-070A Improved Replacement Vee Belts 25 JUN 1992
R22 SB-069
Ref. AD 92-06-17
Replacement of Suspect NAS1304-16AF Bolts 27 FEB 1992
R22 SB-068 Tailcone Skin Doubler for Tail Rotor Visual Warning Guard 27 FEB 1992
R22 SB-067 Replacement of Tail Rotor Visual Warning Guard (B312-1) 09 JAN 1992
R22 SB-066 Vee Belt - Lower Sheave Inspection 19 APR 1991
R22 SB-065 Cracking of Fanwheel Assembly Hubs 20 DEC 1990
R22 SB-064 Tail Rotor Pedal Retaining Clips 08 JUN 1990
R22 SB-063 Replacement of Fan Shaft Bearing 06 JUN 1990
R22 SB-062 Air Duct Chafing Oil Line 10 MAY 1990
R22 SB-061
Ref. AD 90-17-01
Latches on Carburetor Air Box 28 JUL 1989
R22 SB-060A
Ref. AD 88-26-01
Main Rotor Spindle Rework and Journal Replacement 12 JAN 1989
R22 SB-059 Main Rotor Spindle Crack Inspection 07 NOV 1988
R22 SB-058 Actuator Bearings 13 SEP 1988
R22 SB-057
Ref. AD 87-18-03
Main Rotor Pitch Link Inspection and Fitting Replacement 11 MAY 1987
R22 SB-056 Stop for Cabin Door Air Vent 20 JAN 1987
R22 SB-055 R22 Harness Assembly Buckle/Connector 07 JAN 1987
R22 SB-054 Caution Decal for Carburetor Air Temperature Gage 20 NOV 1986
R22 SB-053 Cracks in Lower Vertical Fin Attachment Channels 01 OCT 1986
R22 SB-052 Oil Cooler Mounting Installation 02 JUL 1986
R22 SB-051 Main Rotor Elastic Teeter Stops 02 JUL 1986
R22 SB-050 Vee Belt Drive 15 APR 1986
R22 SB-049 A740-1 Manifold Pressure Line 15 APR 1986
R22 SB-048 A723 Oil Cooler Lines 13 JAN 1986
R22 SB-047 Inspection of A020-2 Upper Steel Tube Frame 13 JAN 1986
R22 SB-046
Supersedes R22 SB-42A
Sprag Clutch Replacement 18 OCT 1985
R22 SB-045 Clutch Actuator Overtravel Limit Switch 10 MAY 1985
R22 SB-044
Cancelled (09-12-00)
Inspection of Lower Actuator Bearing Mounting Brackets 05 FEB 1985
R22 SB-043
Ref. AD 84-18-04
Inspection and Modification of Main Rotor Gearbox Ring Gear Bolts 24 AUG 1984
R22 SB-042A
Superseded by R22 SB-46
Drive System Growl 18 MAR 1985
R22 SB-041 Mixture Control Safety Spring Assembly Installation 20 JUN 1984
R22 SB-040 Modification of Fwd. RH Landing Gear Mount Shackle 20 JUN 1984
R22 SB-039 Drilled Head Bolt Installation Lower LH Frame to Fuselage 17 FEB 1984
R22 SB-038 Main Rotor Controls Sticking or Binding 17 FEB 1984
R22 SB-037A Washer Installed at M.R. Pitch Rod End 17 FEB 1984
R22 SB-036 Inspection of A121-7 Push-Pull (P-P) Tubes and Guide Wear 11 NOV 1983
R22 SB-035 V-Belt Guide Installation 07 OCT 1983
R22 SB-034
Ref. Safety Notice SN-14
Clutch Actuator Light Relocation 24 AUG 1983
R22 SB-033 Mandatory Replacement of Old Design Rev W (1000 hr) Main Rotor Blades 25 JUL 1983
R22 SB-032 Actuator Drive Screw 07 JUN 1983
R22 SB-031 Lower Actuator Bearing A181-1 14 APR 1983
R22 SB-030 Check of Low RPM Warning System 12 APR 1983
R22 SB-029 Clutch Lock Switch 01 MAR 1983
R22 SB-028 Inspection of Lower Actuator Bearing A181-1 22 FEB 1983
R22 SB-027 Spring for Cyclic Boot 02 FEB 1983
R22 SB-026 Installation of A960-1 Clamp and A961-1 Strap on the A020-2 Upper Steel Tube Frame 09 NOV 1982
R22 SB-025
Ref. AD 97-02-14
Low RPM Warning Unit Readjustment 26 OCT 1982
R22 SB-024
Ref. AD 97-02-14
Low RPM Warning Light Installation 23 OCT 1982
R22 SB-023 Inspection of A020-2 Upper Steel Tube Frame 27 AUG 1982
R22 SB-022 Inspection for Rubbing A121-7 Push-Pull Tube 24 JUN 1982
R22 SB-021 Replacement of Tail Rotor Drive Shaft and Aft Flex Plate 01 JUN 1982
R22 SB-020 Inspection of Long Tail Rotor Drive Shaft and Damper 03 MAY 1982
R22 SB-019 Replacement of A106-4 or -5 Journals and Teeter Hinge Bearings 13 APR 1982
R22 SB-018 Inspection of A020-2 Upper Steel Tube Frame 12 MAR 1982
R22 SB-017
Superseded by R22 SB-105
Replacement of Fuel Valve Handles 15 MAR 1982
R22 SB-016 Improper Clutch Shaft Plug Installation 18 NOV 1981
R22 SB-015 Service Life Reduction and Additional Inspection of A016 Rotor Blade 14 NOV 1981
R22 SB-014 Failure of the A041-2 Damper Clip 14 OCT 1981
R22 SB-013 MR Root Fitting Fatigue Failure 04 SEP 1981
R22 SB-012 Removal of Sharp Edges in the Angular Latch Portion of A628-1 and -2 Seat Harness Assembly 26 MAY 1981
R22 SB-011 Inspection of A192 and A194 Main Gearbox Yokes 04 MAY 1981
R22 SB-010
CANCELLED (09-12-00)
Inspection of A184-1 (Upper) and A181-1 (Lower) Sheave Bearing 27 APR 1981
R22 SB-009 Additional Inspection of Main Gearbox Yokes 04 MAR 1981
R22 SB-008 Ice Blockage of Engine Breather Tube 19 FEB 1981
R22 SB-007 Inspection of Long TR Drive Shaft 09 FEB 1981
R22 SB-006 Inspection of Main Gearbox Flex Coupling Yokes 26 JAN 1981
R22 SB-005 Possible Installation of Defective Main Rotor Gear Sets 06 OCT 1980
R22 SB-004 Dye Penetrant Inspection Aft End of Upper Steel Tube Frame Assy. P/N A020-2 28 OCT 1980
R22 SB-003 Steel Tube Frame A020-2 29 JUL 1980
R22 SB-002 Main Rotor Blade Inspection 04 MAR 1980
R22 SB-001 Main Rotor Blade Inspection 28 DEC 1979